Health Education Services


The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Child Services has partnered with agencies throughout the state to provide safe sleep education and Infant survival kits. This program provides educational materials for caregivers to learn more about safe sleep. Caregivers are asked to watch a 20 minute educational video on safe sleep practices and they receive a  FREE Pack’ n Play ( with bassinet option) sleep sacks, fitted sheet, sleep baby picture book, pacifiers and educational handouts!

Eligibility Requirements: 

Any parent or caregiver expecting a child or have a child under a year old.

  • The parent/ caregiver does not have a crib
  • The parent/caregiver must attend a safe sleep education session
  • There are NO financial prerequisites

Lactation Services

Available to anyone with questions or concerns about breastfeeding. Our lactation consultant can provide over the phone services, in office consultations, or if needed home visits to provide an assessment of feedings, perform a weight check for infant and to check overall general health of infant and mother related to breastfeeding.

Our lactation consultant can also provide postpartum counseling and support to any caregiver. Please call (812) 438-2551 for more information.

Any questions or concerns feel free to contact